It’s All in the Attitude

18.04.2016 – Day 109

It’s All in the Attitude


Every wonder whether it’s a person’s personality or their attitude that you’re either drawn to or repelled by?

Can you make the distinction between attitude and personality? Sometimes this is really tough.

Our personalities are pretty much embedded in who we are.They don’t tend to change that much. Yet for some of us, our attitudes can and do, change like the wind.

Our attitudes are much more dynamic and dependent on our interactions with people and the situations we find ourselves in. But I still feel they are under our control and not fully dependent on those we interact with like this quote suggests.   Some people and some situations bring out the best in us, some the very worst, but we do make the final choice which version of ourselves we show the world regardless.

Although we are all very different in personality as well as in attitude, we are all at our very best when we choose a good attitude over bad.

So, why don’t we all do just that?




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