The “Let’s See What Happens” Years!

16.04.2016 – Day 107

The “Let’s See What Happens” Years!

what the hell

Some of the joys of ageing are that you become more familiar with yourself, care less about what other people think, and hone in on your particular brand of humour.

I love this quote because it encapsulates all of these. As a general rule, when you reach your 40s or 50s,  you probably get to the point where you’ve lived enough, been judged enough, cared enough about what others think, to start to challenge the status quo.

Maybe we just get bored. Maybe we are just tired of living up to society’s expectations, maybe we’re all just middle sh*t disturbing children at heart.

Regardless of our motivation, I’m betting that many of you can relate this more irreverent approach to life because let’s face it, it can be incredibly  entertaining!

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