15.04.2016 – Day 106



I have to laugh when I see this image. Been there. Done that. Don’t miss it in the least!  Yet, I’m sure there are many of you who may still feel this way.

While our work can be our calling or an incredible source of accomplishment and validation, it can also serve up a queen-sized serving of frustration.

How we let it out is up to us. As suggested here, colourful language is one way.  Humour is another, work gossip may be another, taking sick days, pulling practical jokes, ignoring it, drinking at lunch, or a whole host of other options are available to us.

Regardless of how you handle it, we might also agree that when Friday comes along, it all gets just  a little easier to deal with. TGIF, I say. And, more importantly, “thank God for weekends!”

I hope you enjoy yours!



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