What Life is Like for Kids and Dogs

14.04.2016 – Day 105

What Life is Like for Kids and Dogs

3 y o

When does life become so complicated? How and why do we let it?

I don’t know about you. but sometimes I wish I could just hit the “simplify” button.

I wish I could get back to what’s important, concentrate on that, and ignore everything else.

It’s astounding how both kids and dogs seem to get it. They understand life. They know innately what’s important to them.

If they’re hungry they ask for food. If they want to play, they do, regardless of the situation. If they don’t like something, they don’t pretend to, they just ignore it and usually just walk away. If they want to sing (or bark) they do.They don’t care if they’re good at it.  If they’re tired, they sleep, even if it’s the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. If they haven’t seen you in a while, they’re bursting with joy to greet you. And if they get hurt, they whimper and look to someone they love to help make it better.

Like the image says, “Sometimes you just need to talk to a three-year-old to understand life again.” Sometimes you just need to see black and white rather than gray. Sometimes you just need to see black and white rather than gray. Sometimes you need to distill things down to their simplest form to really understand them. and sometimes, if you’re lucky, that same little person will even remind you of the greatest lesson of all, not to take yourself too seriously.


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