The Power of Perspective

12.04.2016 – Day 103

The Power of Perspective



It’s amazing how changing your perspective can change your reality.

This photo, from the “Born to Fly”Facebook page is a picture of the space shuttle leaving earth taken from the International space station.

At first glance, I thought this was a macro photo of a needle piercing a light white fabric. I was agog to  learn it was the shuttle.

In that moment when my mind had to make the shift from seeing this as a tiny needle that I could hold between two fingers to a massive spaceship containing tons of equipment, people, and the latest in technology, that was hurtling  toward space, I was struck by the sheer power of perspective.

I was smacked upside the head by the fact that sometimes things can seem so big, then something shifts, something changes and our frame of reference changes right along with it and we can’t help but see things differently.

The truly interesting thing about a change in perspective is that it becomes very difficult to go back to see your initial assessment. And, if you are able to, you are now able to see both. This reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland quote, “I cannot go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

Without getting too deep, it’s this kind of thinking that makes me question what is actually real. The duality of perspective boggles my mind at times. and just hope that in learning, evolving and being open to change that I can continue to see alternate realities.

It makes me ponder questions like, “Those things which are real today , was they also real yesterday?”

Perspective is very personal and it’s driven by our experiences, beliefs, and assumptions and I guess my answer to that last question probably depends on how quickly these change.

I just hope that by learning, evolving and remaining open to change that I can continue to see alternate realities, to expand my line of sight, and to see things differently. I hope needles continue to become space shuttles.

At the very least, I hope that perspective keeps making life interesting!


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