Making Memories Requires Dreams and Action

11.04.2016 – Day 102

Making Memories Requires Dreams and Action


Do you dream?

Do you dream, set goals, make wishes, write bucket lists, or set yearly resolutions?

I do.

I’m a list maker, a forward thinker, a planner, a dreamer. There is so much I want to do on this planet before I leave it, so many memories I want to make. And, I’m happy to say I’ve made many wonderful ones already.

This quote reminds us that the real goal of a life well-lived needs to be in the actual doing, not necessarily in the dreaming.

It also suggests that the purpose of these wishes of ours is to act as the motivation for taking action, that the memories that come from realising your dreams are the real reason we dream in the first place.

I believe that a life well lived is a life that is bursting with memories – and, not necessarily just the big audacious ones, but the little things too, as long as they are memories that are things and experiences that important to us.

We all have different dreams so our lives should be spent creating meaningful and personal memories, but this will only happen if we take the action required to realise them.

What dream of yours could you take action on today?



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