Make Time to Care

10.04.2016 – Day 101

Make Time to Care


We whirl around in this fast-paced life of ours scrambling to get things done, get things bought, dropped off, and picked up. We drive here, run there and we race back again. All the while, what often suffers is our caring quotient.

Because there is no perceived urgency in listening to a friend, providing a kind word, or performing an act of caring, they too often get overlooked.

Among all of our busy-ness and scheduling, have we forgotten to allow time in our day for caring?

Are we becoming a world of active, productive, efficient people who are also uncaring and unkind, because we haven’t made time to be?

I hope not.

Mahatma Gandhi’s . “You must be the change you wish to see in this world.” quote has just rung loudly in my ears.

So, I’m making a pledge today and onward to actively look for time to take Leo up on a few of his suggestions. I will look for those moments, those opportunities, those occasions to physically reach out and touch people, to smile, to offer support, a kind word, compliments and an ear to listen. I don’t want to live in a world where uncaring, and unkind are the trend or, worse, the status quo, so I’ll do what I can to change it.

I’m hoping that you will too!


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