Ridiculous or Boring, What’s Your Go To?

07.04,2016 – Day 98

Ridiculous or Boring, What’s Your Go To?

ridiculousWhen it comes to ridiculous, take it from someone who “nails it” more often than your average bear, it does have its advantages.

Knee deep in the absurdity, the hilarity, the farcical is not where I’m keen to live 24/7. But, I’d still prefer the occasional (or frequent) visit there. Yes,  even complete with the mocking or derision. It’s still better than boring.

Many people are happy to take the safe route and be unassuming, composed, quiet, and vanilla all the time.But that’s not me.

Even with the very real risk of having to live through the odd embarrassment, the occasional faux pas, the mortifying moments when you cross the line, I believe that being absolutely ridiculous wins over being absolutely boring.

Don’t believe me?

I have proof.

The online definition of ridiculous is “inviting derision or mockery; absurd.“that ridiculous tartan cap””


See… yep, ridiculous tartan cap – ridiculous, not boring, that’s me!




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