What Will You Learn Today?

04.04.2016 – Day 95

What Will You Learn Today?


The thing about being a life-long learner is that life remains interesting. You can always expand your experience by learning a new skill, a new insight, a lesson, a language, about a country, a person, a philosophy.

There is so much to be learned through our interactions with our environment, the people and the situations that are part of our daily round and about ourselves.

Some lessons are easy and we get them right the first time, others are harder and while they present themselves time after time, we seem to miss their message, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn gradually if that what it takes.

We’re all human. And, like this image says, we will live, love, make mistakes, and we’ll learn. We can always learn.

So, be thankful for those people and those situations in your life that provide these learning opportunities.

We will probably never stop learning because the great thing about life is that it never stops teaching. And, if it did, I, for one, think life would get pretty boring.

What will you learn today?



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