02.04.2016 – Day 93

Canada Bound?


For those Americans who think that moving to Canada will be their response to having the pompous, arrogance of Donald Trump be their leader, I have one thing to say, “Get out and vote and make sure he’s not.” I don’t think Canada is ready to be your escape route.

For us Canadians, regardless of whether you’re a fanboy or girl of our newest Prime Minister or the Liberal party, we can all agree that this past Canadian election showed some of the highest voting numbers of the previous few decades.

I can’t imagine the United States being run by this egomaniacal racist and misogynist of a man. I certainly hope that this doesn’t become the case, especially when Canada has the opposite type at the helm.

So, get out and vote Americans, don’t let your fine country fall into the wrong hands. Don’t support the misguided, small, judgemental, hate mongering thinking this man represents become embedded in your culture. The rest of the world will thank you, especially your neighbours to the north.




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