What’s Your Focus?

27.03.2016 – Day 87

What’s Your Focus?


Lately there has a been a whole lot of good happening in my life and I am incredibly grateful for it.

It’s easy  to focus on the good when it far outweighs the bad.

I know a number of people who are going through some pretty tough times right now and I truly hope for them that they are  still able to  focus on the good, in spite of their challenges.

It is never all bad, but sometimes it certainly feels that way. As the future unfolds, I sure hope that I will always be able to find and focus on the good.

The bad will always be there is some way, shape or form, but so will the good and that’s where I want to look. I hope to always be able to focus on the good because this makes for the very best image of the future I want to have.


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