Hear, Hear for There, There!

22.03.2016 – Day 82

Hear, Hear for There, There!


Hear, hear! Travel is one of life’s greatest indulgences. At least, that’s how I see it. So, learning that it also good for you makes the prospect of it even more appealing.

There can be a lot of annoyances – think crying babies, flight delays, long lines, and rude people, and yes, travelling requires a fair chunk of change, the benefits of travel far outweigh the challenges.

I truly think that seeing new, interesting and beautiful places, learning about other cultures, languages, geographies, histories, is an education in itself. Seeing how people live elsewhere allows you to appreciated your own environment while also expanding your world view.

This world is made up of such diverse landscapes, cultures, people and customs and living in a time where we are able to experience such diversity through travel, we are able to enjoy one of life’s greatest gifts. To learn that travel also provides health benefits is the icing on the cake.

When it comes to travel, I say “hear, hear” for going there, there!




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