Has It Set You Free?

20.03.2016 – Day 80

Has It Set You Free?


While truth is necessary, it can be painful. Many of us say we want the truth, but to quote a few good men, we “can’t handle the truth”.

Yes, truth can be liberating and yes, it can also be irritating, challenging, and downright confronting.

Knowing the facts, do we choose to toss the truth coin hoping  it lands on freedom or do we prefer to seek comfort on the flip side in denial, uncertainty, ambiguity and ignorance at the expense of freedom?

Our relationship with the truth is incredibly personal. How comfortable we are with it, the extent to which we seek it, our ability to tell it,  whether or not we’ll acknowledge it even when we know it. We decide for ourselves its presence in our lives.

What is your relationship with the truth? Has it set you free? Has it pissed you off?




2 thoughts on “Has It Set You Free?

  1. The funny thing about uncomfortable truth is that there is usually a consequence and an ending involved. Hence the “truth will set you free” line often comes up. Freedom is sometimes overrated if it means you are now walking a glorious path alone. Life is meant to share and reflect. Is the truth so important and what would you be wiling to lose a person? My friend, fortunately for me we have never had to make such a decision. A blessed path we walk.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Marina I’m not sure there’s “usually” an ending – sometimes, yes. I think the thing is that knowing the truth gives you the real freedom to choose whether it is an ending, new beginning, or no change that needs to happen. While you know I respect you and your opinions, I’m not sure I agree that freedom is overrated. I’d rather be free and alone, than oblivious and accompanied. Truth gives you freedom to make a conscious choice and puts you in the driver’s seat rather than the passenger’s. But, it also carries with it responsibility for that choice.

      I agree, that we are pretty darned fortunate though! xx

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