Get Sh*t Done

18.03.2016 – Day 78

Get Sh*t Done


My husband arrived back home yesterday with a lovely little surprise for me. He’s so thoughtful. When he gave me my gift he prefaced it by saying that if anyone would appreciate this book, I would. And he was right.

If you know me, you probably know that I’m a serial list maker – always have been, always will be. There is just an incredible feeling to be organised, to know what lies ahead of you for the day and, if you’re also a serious list maker, you will understand the sheer euphoria and pride in productivity that comes from crossing out an item or ticking it off once it’s accomplished.

This provides an addictive surge of adrenaline for me. Perhaps that’s why I am an eternal list maker.

There is yet another real benefit from list making. It does, as this little book’s title suggests, helps you to “get sh*t done”.  And as Chris says, “I don’t know anyone who gets more sh*t done than you!”

So, thanks for noticing Honey, and thanks for such a perfectly suited gift. I’ve just added reading it to my “to do” list!




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