Who Is Respect-Worthy?

16.03.2016 – Day 76

Who Is Respect-Worthy?


I was taught the same thing as a child. I was taught that your neighbour, your classmate, your teacher, the mailman, your friends, the church priest, the clerk in the supermarket should all be treated with respect.

My parents were hard working people who expended a great deal of effort before we were able toeven achieve middle class status. They were moderately religious, had good solid values and both came from humble immigrant families, who also worked hard for everything they had.

I learned that effort, hard work, doing the best that you could and being honest and fair and being nice to people and showing an interest in them was far more important than what job you had or how much money you made or how much power you wielded.

Perhaps it’s because I came from such humble roots that I don’t think it’s my place to judge a person by their job. I choose to not think less of someone because the have to work hard for their paycheck, or more of them because they are famous or a CEO of a large company. I don’t automatically think someone is lacking in intelligence, education, experience, or wisdom because they hold jobs like waitresses or taxi drivers. With massive global immigration, it’s often the opposite where Mechanical Engineers are driving ubers just so they can work to feed their families. And if someone is happy doing what they’re doing, then kudos to them.

To me, if you share the basic  human values of hard work, honesty, doing your best, treating people well, showing compassion, showing respect, trying to improve yourself and not judging others, then you will most likely get my respect. It’s the values, not the status. that is important. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things and would love to have heaps of cash to do as I please, but I don’t really care what kind of car you drive or how much property you own of how big your paycheck is, especially if you sacrifice basic good values to get them.

Who you are is far more important to me than what your job or social status is. Even though I was taught to respect just about everyone as a child, I have matured and moderated this all-encompassing respect giving philosophy. If I feel you are worthy of respect, you will get it, regardless of your standing.  If I do not if I think you’re dishonest, manipulative, rude, self-serving, greedy, judgmental, mean, superficial, or arrogant, I don’t care if you’re the queen of England or topping the Forbes billionaire list, I’ll keep my respect for someone who deserves it. I’ll give respect to the respect-worthy. Just like a paycheque, in my eyes, respect has to be earned, too.



Photo credit: Sun Gazining



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