Leap And The Net Will Appear

15.03.2016 – Day 75

Leap And The Net Will Appear


“Leap and the net will appear.” This has been one of my  guiding life philosophies for decades.

I have recited this credo to myself when faced with numerous huge life decisions – starting a business, buying a house, writing a book, moving across the world, running a half marathon, saying yes to a variety of career offers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting being reckless, but I do think that sometimes you just need to admit that you have enough information, you won’t ever get all the details, and it’s time to decide – it’s time to take the leap into the unknown – not time to just take that next little step (or two), but time to take an enormous,  gigantic, massive, audacious leap.

There’s a reason the expression “leap of faith” has survived all these years. Because to  take that leap, you have to have faith. You have to have faith in yourself, in your circumstances, in others, or in the unknown just to be able to make the jump in the first place.

I think this philosophy might be hardest for people who tend to be high control types. I think, and I could be way off base, that the unknown might be too overwhelming for them. They may need more details, they may need much more information to make the decision. They may even need to always take steps, rather than leaps.

Personally, I’m glad I developed my leaping skills at an early age. Most of my jumps have worked out just fine and when they didn’t I still had the faith in myself that I could make it right by taking the right steps, or, possibly even another leap!



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