Listen to Intuition

13.03.2016 – Day 73

Listen to Intuition


Fear can become an unrelenting clamoring cacophony if we let it. So, the secret is, not to let it.

Whether you choose to meditate, exercise, practice yoga, listen to music, enjoy a glass of wine, paint a masterpiece, go for a long walk on the beach or in a forest, take a nap, or soak in a hot tub,  the practice of quieting the mind is a good practice to get into.

As this image reminds us, a quiet mind enables us to hear our intuition, to listen to that knowing voice inside us. Our intuition is considerably wiser than fear. It’s a voice that is gentle and familiar. It’s a voice that is calming in its confidence and that guides us wisely. It’s also a voice we should never tire of hearing.


Image credit: Power of Positivity


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