A Wise Choice

10.03.2016 – Day 70

A Wise Choice

show up

Those days when you feel the least like doing something is when I I find it’s the most important time to actually do it.

This piece of advice hammers home the importance of getting past the resistance, taking action and pushing on. Nowhere was this philosophy better demonstrated that by a wonderful woman named Pat who I met through the Canadian Australian Club. Pat was quite a bit older (and I suspect a lot wiser) than me and had been with the club since its inception about 40 years ago. She was a proud Canadian and a proud lady.

This was her philosophy.

Every time I saw her at an event, she was surrounded by people, She wore an authentic smile. She was dressed up, hair done, and jewellery and makeup on. She always made the effort to come out to events. She shared stories, and advice and one day confided in me that this was her daily mantra.  I was impressed, but not surprised by her admission because it showed. Adopting and living this thinking in itself was admirable, however the sad reality was that she maintained it while fighting a long and losing battle with cancer.

Every time I read these words, I think fondly of Pat and her wise yet warm smile. She was a wonderful example of someone who had the right attitude, even in the face of tremendous adversity. She chose her attitude even when she couldn’t choose her circumstances.

I think she made a wise choice, don’t you?




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