Happy International Women’s Day

08.03.2016 – Day 68

Happy International Women’t Day

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to celebrate the hopes, dreams, achievements, skills, interests and personalities of the wonderful women in our lives.

These women are important and they need our support – not just today, but everyday.

Given that today is International Women’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice if today, you chose to tell a few of the wonderful women in your life, why you think they are so special.

Women today are changing history, overcoming unsurmountable obstacles, advancing science, balancing political and cultural forces, advocating for the planet, building businesses, nurturing our next generation and dreaming and aspiring to be more than they ever have before.

The Google doodle today, along with the hashtag #OneDayIWill highlights the hopes and dreams of a selection of women around the world. So while these international ladies are articulating what they will do one day, maybe you could take this one day to encourage those wonderful women in your life to do the same, listen to their aspirations, and then tell them why you think they can do anything they dare to dream!



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