Make Today Your Favourite

03.03.2016 – Day 63

Make Today Your Favourite


I’m guilty of “looking forward” to things – a fun night out, a vacation, Christmas, etc. A healthy bit of anticipation helps us to extend the enjoyment of an event through the lead up.

Being a planner by nature, I’ll admit that I do receive great enjoyment out of looking ahead, it helps to keep me motivated, gives me hope and helps me to get through the drudgery of day to day demands knowing that there is a reward on the horizon.

As much as I enjoy this, I do have to be careful not to get stuck in my future focus and not to ignore today and those special moments that are right in front of me in the process.

Pooh delivers some wise words here. Today is his favourite day. And in his perennial wisdom Pooh utters an insightful life lesson.Don’t wish today away on tomorrow. Don’t get stuck in yesterday. Be in the present. Live for today. Make today your focus. Make today your favourite. And, if we do this for every tomorrow we have we should end up with a life full of favourite days that we can happily glance back at, even if only for a moment, until we get back to, our favourite, today!


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