Where Will Reading Take You?

25.02.2016 – Day 56

Where Will Reading Take You?


So, you’re bored. You want to take a vacation. You want to explore another culture, learn a new language, get to know your hero. Or maybe you want to be transported to another galaxy, go back in time, improve your outlook, expand your skill set, or meet some new people.

You can do all this (and more) by doing one simple thing. Read.

Whether it’s fiction or non, one genre or another, the ability to read is your passport to unlimited learning, adventure, fantasy, travel, and wisdom. If you can read, you should never be bored.  Next time you are, crack open a book or an app on your favourite device, or put headphones in your ears and listen to an audio book. No matter how you choose to do it, explore the treasures that come from reading as often as you can.

Where will reading take you?


Photo Credit: Goodwill Librarian – Facebook


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