Don’t Wait for Perfection

24.02.2016 – Day 55

Don’t wait for perfection.


After hearing of two deaths of extended family members in as many days, this message is appropriate today.

We have a tendency to put off our enjoyment or think that  we should wait until everything is “just right”, perfect even, to appreciate the good things in life. We may wait until we’ve lost a few pounds, got x amount of money in the bank, landed the next job, cleaned the house, retired, taken a vacation, turned 50, the kids have graduated, the mortgage is paid off….

Any of these sound familiar?

If you’re waiting to enjoy life…STOP IT. Get out there and do something, anything, today to relish in the wonderfully imperfect life we are all blessed with. Tomorrow is no guarantee. We need to enjoy the present in the present and stop postponing our enjoyment for some other day when things are “perfect”.

Perfect doesn’t exist. Life is imperfect – it has good and bad, highs and lows and challenges and opportunities. And it has a time limit.

I urge you to enjoy today. And if you can do that for thousands of days to come, great! But don’t wait for perfection before you start because you’ll be waiting an awfully long time!


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