Language is a Funny Thing

23.02.2016 – Day 54

Language is a Funny Thing

stretch This made me laugh. It also made me think.

What if all the phrases and common sayings we use were drawn and expressed quite so literally? What images would we be creating in our heads?

Think about it – if I said, “That dress cost an arm and a leg” could you actually imagine paying in limbs instead of dollars or on credit?

Or, if I said, “He was barking up the wrong tree.” or, “She was beating a dead horse.” what do you picture?

That’s the thing about language, it’s supposed to be literal, but it continues to evolve so these sayings become part of our vernacular for the essence of their meaning, but not their literal translation.

Thankfully that’s the case when we consider phrases like, “long in the tooth”, “raining cats and dogs”,”foaming at the mouth”, or, even, “keep your eyes peeled.”

It’s no wonder puns like this make me chuckle. This thing we call language is a funny thing,

Photo credit UnKNOWN PUNster Comedian from Facebook page


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