21.02.2106 – Day 52


I love seeing out of the box thinking in play. I watch this video and think to myself, “Who thinks up this stuff?”

Who sits down over a beer after a day on the slopes and says, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we  could cross down hill skiing with transformers technology?” Who ends  up creating this new sport that I’m affectionately referring to as “ski dancing”? Who takes the idea further, researches it, builds the prototypes, tries them, refines, them and then tries them again?

I think it’s the dreamers, the innovators, the visionaries, the inventors, the bored, the pioneers, the imaginers, the reimaginers, the “what-if”ers, the thrill seekers, the change agents, and the creatives …that’s who.

And thank heavens for every single one of them, for they keep life interesting.




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