Mind Your Own Damn Business

20.02.2016 – Day 51

Mind Your Own Damn Business


This subject has now come up twice in as many hours. If that’s not a sure sign that it needs to be today’s musing, I don’t know what is.

What is it with people who feel the need to continually ask  dating couples when they’re going to get married, and married couples without children when they’re going to have kids? Even if they’re in their late 40’s!

Why do these people feel it’s any of their damn business? I don’t care if those asking are coworkers, acquaintance, friends or family. Regardless of who you are, your relationship with the couple, it’s still none of your business. If it was, then, guess what, the couple would probably share this information with you.

There are many reasons why people don’t want to get married today, but it doesn’t make them any less a couple. And there are also many reasons why couples. married or otherwise, are not having children and it doesn’t make them any less a couple, any less a family, him any less a man, or my personal favourite, her any less a woman, if they don’t.

For some couples, not having children is a conscious choice (for some it should have been!), for some it’s timing, for some it’s driven by physiological factors. Regardless of the reason behind them remaining childless, it’s still none of your business to ask for details as to the why’s or why not’s.

Could you imagine all the childless couples turning to you parents out there and asking you, “Why did you EVER decide to have kids?” or “Why did YOU ever decide to have kids?” How would you feel if it was also as judgement laden as the question “When are you going to have kids?” question? You’d probably respond with a, “Mind your own damn business.”

And, you’d be within your right. Everyone has the right to make their own life choices. And they have the right not to be judged, questioned or criticised for doing so. Keep that in mind next time you’re about to ask a great couple that question…especially if they’re cruising 50!

P.S. I love that Ellen and Portia recently adopted a new puppy and named him “Kid”. It’s the perfect response to the, “When are you two going to have kids?” question. Well played, Ellen and Portia, well played.



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