What’s the Difference?

16.02.2016 – Day 47

What’s the Difference?

what you do

Thoughts are great Intentions are honourable. Dreams are wonderful.Wishes are fabulous. Keep thinking, dreaming, and wishing for what it is you want out or life.

At one time or another we all dream of a life different from the one we’re currently living. We envision changes in lifestyle, income, and address. We set goals about weight loss, education, career, and travel. We toss coins in fountains, make wishes on birthday cakes and buy lottery tickets all with the hope of a cherished dream coming true.

So what’s the difference between your current reality and the new and improved future you see for yourself?

A lot.

Much of it you cannot control, but much of it you can

So if you’re dreaming of a better life, if you have visions of a future you that is decidedly different from the person staring back at you through the mirror today, then start doing something to make it happen.

You can’t wish it into being. You must take action. The difference is in the doing.

To quote the movie The Castle, “It’s what you do with it, Darl.”




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