Less Dead People or Bigger Bar Profits?

15.02.2016 – Day 46

What do want more, less dead people or bigger bar profits?

Almost a year ago (or so) new lock out laws were put in place in various spots throughout NSW  – the details for these laws can be found on the government’s website. Have a look. It may surprise you to learn that these new laws were seen as reductive and limiting. One of the areas included in this initiative is Kings Cross, a city suburb mentioned by Paul in the video. It comes alive at night with a range of after hours cafes, restaurants, live shows, bars, and nightclubs.

King’s Cross is a magnet for those after a bit of weekend fun and debauchery. Consequently, it’s also a magnate for what our country now refers to as “alcohol fuelled violence”. It’s a place where “one punch” or “coward punch” attacks have taken place and yes, young people have died at the drunken hands of other young, testosterone driven violent men out to prove something.

I thank the creator of this video and my friend Robyn, the mother of two fine upstanding young men (and a lovely young lady),  who shared on Facebook. She has cause for concern. We all do. There is far too much violence taking place in our city and far too much abuse of alcohol among our youth (who am I kidding, it’s a national epidemic that isn’t limited to one age group). Australia’s drinking problem is about on par with the USA’s gun problem.

This video was created by an intensive care nurse who has seen it all. It might not be what we want to see or hear, but it’s damn well something we should see and listen to and then heed its message. And stand up to support continuing these lock out laws as I believe they’ve been implemented on a trial basis.

At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves what is more important, people or profits?

We need to attack this country’s drinking problem in whatever ways we can. We need to reduce this senseless youth violence. We need to ensure our streets are safer for everyone and that our emergency care workers are safe at work and if that means we lose some profit along the way, then so be it. It’s really just a question of priorities.


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