Is Fun the Fountain of Youth?

12.02.2016 – Day 43

Is Fun the Fountain of Youth?


I LOVE this photo!

Can’t you just hear the giggles, the playful taunting and the “vroom, vroom” noises?

What this image screams to me ,other than an obvious shared sheer state of glee, is that, “Age is a state of mind.”. Thankfully we do have at least some control over how “old” we want to be.

No matter how old you are, do what you can to stay young by having some fun. Be goofy. Embrace every opportunity for joy. Seek out silliness. Smile. Laugh. Play. Create new possibilities for amusement. Embrace your inner child. Smile, crack a good joke, giggle, make a funny face, roll  around the floor laughing, and go ahead, pee yourself a little! It will be worth it.

You’re never too old for fun and having it means you’ll never really be too old.

Could fun be the highly sought after proverbial fountain of youth?

Of course fun, doesn’t completely reverse the ageing process,  but it certainly makes whatever time we’re here a whole lot more enjoyable.

So, what fun will you get up to today?


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