Remember the Arrow

30.01.2016 – Day 30

Remember the Arrow


I’ve heard three references to arrows today and two to this specific quote. In my book that all adds up to this being today’s pick for my musing.

We’ve all had times where we felt that we were being pulled further away from our goal. We’ve most likely experienced delays, setbacks, obstacles and got frustrated by them.

Have you ever considered that these delays are not necessarily denials? Could there actually be some truth to this arrow analogy?

If you feel like you’re being pulled further away from your dream, your goal, your target, remember the arrow.  Let the delay have its way. Let it pull you back temporarily. But, when the moving backward is done, you better be ready to move forward faster than ever before. Just like that arrow, if you stay calm, stead, deliberate and focused on your target these delays may make a direct hit and land you a bullseye.



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