This Teacher Has Four Legs

28.01.2016 – Day 28

This Teacher Has Four Legs


Our dogs teach us so much about love, loyalty, priorities and living in the moment.

When I tearfully said goodbye to Briggs back in 2007 when I was making the move to Australia, I was struck by the finality of that one goodbye. Throughout the years that have passed since, I’ve thought about him, longed to hear his bark, cried over him, and wondered what his new life was like and whether or not he was still alive or if he had made the passage to rainbow bridge.

With friends and family, I could still talk on the phone, email, see them when I went for a visit, but with Briggs it was a final goodbye.  And, to this day, more than eight years later, it was still the hardest.

I treasure my time with Briggs and now Buzz and the other four legged teachers I’ve had in my life. And I know many of you do too.

What lessons have your dogs taught you?


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