We Can Do Better!

23.01.2016 – Day 23

We Can Do Better!

We can do better. We should do better. We have to do better if we want our own citizens and those of the rest of the world  to be proud of Australia.

Australia’s history of blatant racist acts and practices are simply shameful. Take a few minutes to watch Stan Grant’s powerful address to understand more of Australia’s lowlights that demonstrate its historical disregard for its native people.

If you shake your head in response and ponder how shameful a history it is ask yourself, is it better now? Sadly, racism is still, dare I say, rampant, in this country.

Coming from a country like Canada where we do a far better job of integration, acceptance and welcoming people’s global differences, I’ve seen what better looks like. Don’t get me wrong. It’s far from perfect. But it is better.

I have experienced better first hand and I’ve learned that you don’t go backwards once you’ve done better. Because, better is worth striving for. It’s worth fighting for. In Australia, we can do better and for the sake of our aboriginal people we need to do better by them, for them and with them.

In order to do better we all have to be onboard. We all need to stand up and challenge those hints of racism as they happen. We need to not be guilty of it ourselves. We need to scream at our advertisers, our mediam and our television programming organisations and say it’s unacceptable. We need to be exemplary role models for our children.

We cannot change our history.But, we need to join together so that we can all do better than Australia has done throughout in the past. We have to continue to do better, then do better again.

Our future depends on it!



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