I Hope We All Win

20.01.2016 – Day 20

I Hope We All Win!

Let’s face it, none of us are getting out of here alive.

So, while we’re here, I hope we can be happy, healthy, successful and loved.  Life is a journey to be enjoyed at every step along the way. Life is to be cherished and lived. It shouldn’t be just one big competition over who has what, who earns how much, who has a bigger house, car, diamond ring or who travels more or who is more beautiful, intelligent, or generous.

My wish for everyone, especially those I’m closest to, is this, “I hope we all win.”  I hope we don’t need to create “losers” to define us as “winners” and I hope that we can all achieve our hopes, goals and dreams and that we enjoy our short time here to the fullest.



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