To Laugh or Not To Laugh

19.01.2016 – Day 19

To Laugh or Not To Laugh



When I first read this post, I howled. I’m sure most of you also gave a chuckle at the very least.

However, when I really pondered this person’s email some more, I thought, this person has their own brand of unique humour and boy, they’d be fun to hang out with.

It was either that, or, they have an incredibly unique dream that they aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zone to chase after and they’re prepared to share that dream with an audience, even though I’d bet it’s one they’ve never heard uttered before.

If it is the latter, I actually felt bad about laughing.

We don’t have the right to judge, laugh or scoff at other people’s dreams. In fact, for our friends and loved ones, we should be doing what we can to support them in achieving them.

Dreams are treasures. They are what motivate us, carry us through the challenging times. Dreams are personal expressions of the lives we desire. We all need more adventure, more dreams coming true. We should be be able to rely on support from those we call friends and family, even if our dream is to “herd goats in Cyprus for my wealthy great-aunt.”

To the author of this email, I, for one, say “If this is your dream, goat for it!”


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