It’s A Colourful Life

17.01.2016 – Day 17
It’s A Colourful Life


“Life is a blank canvas. Splash all the colour on it you can.” Author Unknown.

This is one of my life philosophies. If you were to examine, my wardrobe, my friends, my career, my interests, my dreams, my cooking, or my photos, you’d probably notice their common theme.

I love colour and I don’t care who knows it!

I love the colours of nature, colourful people, colourful things and colouful images and ideas. So when this stunning photograph caught my eye the other day I asked myself, “Why don’t we use more colour in architecture?”

I would LOVE to see our cities transformed from their current grim grays and boring beiges into a rainbow of architectural alternatives, creating a more vibrant city canvas.

Thankfully, there are many cities throughout the world where they’ve already adopted a far more vibrant approach to their infrastructure. I just wish there were more!

I can’t wait until my quest for colour affords me the chance to visit all the colourful communities of Cinque Terra and Burano in Italy, Santorini, Greece, Grancanaria, Spain, Longyearbyen , Norway, Valparaiso, Chile, Bo Kaap – Cape Town South Africa, St. Johns, Canada, and Guanajuato, Mexico.

If life really is a blank canvas and you need to splash all the colour on it you can, shouldn’t our cities better reflect the colourful cultures and the colourful lives of the colourful people who inhabit them?


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