The Gift of Being Alone

13.01.2016 – Day 13
The Gift of Being Alone

on my own

We plug our mobile phones in every night, We power up our iPads and laptops. Our cameras are put on charge, as are our portable hand vacs, flashlights, power tools, baby monitors and tooth brushes.

But how often do we recharge ourselves?

Do we wait until there’s no power left? Or is it a proactive daily habit?

Is it a practice we are proud to admit? Or do we feel guilty, indulgent, or selfish for taking time to ourselves?

We shouldn’t.

Just like the myriad of devices we use each day, we need to fill ourselves back up so that we can function properly, perform in a peak state, do what’s expected of us and be there for our loved ones. We need rest. We need down time to balance the up and on time. We need time to think, to process, to listen to ourselves and our needs, or time to just to clear our head.

The clarity and energy that alone time can deliver is invaluable to a more consciously lived life.

I, for one, love my alone time. It’s a treasured gift I give myself whenever I can. I truly believe that I’m a better person because of it and my relationships benefit from it too.


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