Simplicity is Deceiving

11.01.2016 – Day 11
Simplicity is Deceiving


Do you ever wonder just how much work, energy, ingenuity went into making that product you use so effortlessly. Do you ponder why a certain golf club feels so good in your hand, just how perfectly your new runners feel the first time you put them on, or how a device has every button and switch exactly where you expect them to be and that cocktail dress falls at just the right angle?

Simple doesn’t have to mean basic or undeveloped.

Many very complicated and powerful products can be dead easy to learn and use. Contemporary mastery is more about making the complex simple (and therefore easily adoptable) rather than adding unnecessary complications.

Today’s innovators are becoming Artisans of Simplicity.

With so many other complications challenging our daily lives, a little simplicity is a welcome reprieve. And the smart companies are banking on that!


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