The Journey To Irrelevance Begins With The Status Quo

06.01.2016 – Day 6

The Journey To Irrelevance Begins With The Status Quo

always done it

This struck a chord with me, as it probably does with most change agents and challengers of the status quo.

It continually astounds me how often I hear this as the sole rationale for how things are done, who’s doing them and when. I most often witness this atrocity in work environments, where it is bad enough. But the truly terrifying bit is that this is how some people actually live their lives – at work AND at home!

There is so much wrong with using this as the only rationale for a choice that I could yammer on and on, but I’ll focus in on two key ideas for the sake of brevity.

First, this thinking assumes that other external factors have not changed, or at the very least, ignores them. If it worked 20 years ago, it should still be good enough today, right?


We live in the fastest moving, most dynamic time in man’s history. So, just by virtue of these changing of external factors, we should continually reexamine how/why/when we do something a certain way, just to keep pace with changing times and those factors that might affect our outcomes.

Secondly, but most importantly, if we all do things, all things, the way we’ve always done them, where on earth do you think innovation, new ideas, mastery, and evolution are going to come from? Do you really think status quo will be enough?

It is only in evaluating current practices and employing new learning and tools, new processes, improved skills, better thinking, that can we improve things… all things!

So, how often do you respond with the dreaded, “we’ve always done it this way” rationale?

Is this how you work?

Is it how you live?

If it is, STOP IT!

I urge you to embrace change. Challenge the status quo. Encourage innovation.

If you dislike change, trust me, you’ll dislike irrelevance even more!

Hat tip to Elle Hoy for the original share…

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