Do It to Stay Young

02.01.2016 – Day 2
Do It to Stay Young!

do it

“I’m too old for that now.” When did you last think this or something similar to yourself? Was it when you saw Santa in the mall and felt the urge to sit on his lap just one more time? Was it when you flicked past the cartoon channel and watched the news instead? Perhaps it was when you ordered a water and salad with dressing on the side when what you really wanted was to indulge in a childhood favourite – a chocolate milkshake and a big bowl of mac and cheese.

Maybe these moments are just poignant reminders to reacquaint yourself with your inner child and never let her disappear. Maybe these thoughts are meant to remind us that we are as young as we feel. And to feel young, sometimes we have to act it.

I say, the next time you want to wear your hair in pig tails, run a 10K, spend the afternoon in your favourite chair with your colouring book, go back to school, go on a first date, reinvent yourself, take a ride on a skateboard, travel, colour your hair, start a new hobby, or a new business…DO IT!

You are not too old. You are never too old. You’re only too old when you stop listening to that child, that teenager, or that 30-something you and start listening to that old person who, between you and me, I think is just looking for an easy excuse not to try.


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