We Are All Authors

books01.01.2016 – Day 1
We Are All Authors

In today’s post a Queensland based Educator and all round wise woman I have the pleasure of knowing posted the following on Facebook:

Fiona Banjer
6 hrs ·
“Today is the first page in 366 page book”. Saw this on a friend’s page and had to copy it. You have 366 blank pages to fill with love, laughter and happiness. Yes, there might be some sadness tossed in there but the best stories have a bit of everything in the mix. Write the best, most interesting “book” that you can. Ready, Set, GO 2016!”

I guess this got her creative juices flowing because not long after I commented on it, she messaged me with an idea for my writing. It has since been refined and has become this project. So, thank you Fiona for your suggestion. I hope to do your original idea proud.

The concept of being authors of our own yearly “story” is a not necessarily a novel one. But, it is an analogy that hits home with the author in me. So, on this the first day of 2016, think about the “book” you’ll write this year. Who are its main characters? Will they change throughout the year? Where will it take place – in a familiar setting? Or somewhere new? Where will the storyline take you? Take its readers? What sub plots will have to co-exist with the main one? What will you learn, experience, do to fill those blank pages? Will your “book” be a page turner or a slower, more deliberate read? What’s your genre? Will it be a romance novel, an action adventure or an gripping mystery? What is its overriding theme? Message? What will the critics have to say about it? Will they be hounding you for the movie rights?

With 366 days at our disposal, what will fill your blank pages? What will your 2016 story be?

You are an author. We are all authors.

So, what is your 2016 working title?


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