Project 366 of 2016 – Daily Musings of 2016

IMG_2190While many of you are making 2016 resolutions, I will be using this first day of the year and the 365 days that follow to renew my relationship with my writing.

My big hairy audacious writing goal for this year is to write a screenplay.

While I clarify its premise, I have also chosen to combine writing, relationships and love for social media into a daily writing practice. I will take a daily post from some social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest), ponder its message and draft a short editorial that then presents a point of view, shares a lesson, or poses an unresolved question.

At the end of the year, I will have 366 daily observations. What I’ll do with them then who knows. I just hope the practice helps me to write better, learn more, and better understand the people I know, their interests and the messages they are putting out into the world. First post to follow…


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