Day 2 – My Last Day in My Forties

This has been an interesting decade for sure. I formed many friends, accomplished some huge life goals, adopted two beautiful golden boys, took up running, dealt with sickness of people close to me, lost a number of people who held important places in my heart, met  the love of my life, embraced my inner-author and blogger, moved continents, said goodbye to dear friends, established a new life in a new land, made new friends, left jobs, started new ones, and as I look back over the past ten years, I can’t believe how fast it has gone and how long it seemed. Life is an interesting dichotomy that way.

I am grateful to have reached the eve of my 50th birthday and while so much has changed in a decade, I’m still blessed in so many ways. I look forward to all the new and interesting adventures that I’ll experience over the next ten years.


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