Day 7 – Seven Goals Set

I’ve always been a goal setter. Whether in the form of daily “to do” lists, New Year’s resolutions, personal development, financial or goals associated with the marketing and communications projects I have managed, I set goals. It’s just who I am.

Many of the big ones have yet to elude me, like being a size 10 again, travelling the world or winning the lottery. But, many have not. I have accomplished a great number of the goals I have set for myself. In fact, the very practice of setting them has given me clarity in times of confusion, motivation to accomplish more and to further develop and a clearer sense of priority when there was so much to accomplish.

As I cruise closer to 50, I reflect on how much this practice has meant to me  over the years and how much it is now ingrained in my DNA.

On this 7th last day in the 50 to 50 countdown, I’m going to set seven goals in order of the year I expect to achieve them:

Publish my book  – 2012
Learn to drive a manual – 2012
Get married – 2013
Get back into a size 12 – 2013
Travel to Europe  – 2014
Live in a house by the sea – 2015
Take an extended caravan vacation through Australia or North America – 2017


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