Day 10 – 50 Things I’m Proud Of

So this final 10 day countdown to me turning the BIG 5-0 is going to be an eclectic mix. Today’s post is another list of 50. I understand if you stop reading now and that’s okay.

Personally, I’m not even sure I can come up with 50 things I’m proud of in my life, but I’ll try:

In no particular order I’m proud of:

  1. The fact that I stayed in school and didn’t drop out in my teens as I saw happen with some of my friends
  2. My sense of humour
  3. My parents for doing the best job they could and loving us unconditionally
  4. Being Canadian
  5. The life Chris and I have built together
  6. The great multitude of weird and wacky, wonderful and warm-hearted people I call friends
  7. My acceptance of and interest in other cultures
  8. My photography skills
  9. This blog
  10. Finishing writing my novel
  11. Chris and his natural curiosity and willingness to share what he learns with me and others
  12. Having the courage to move to Australia almost five years ago
  13. Looking after my Mother when she was ill
  14. Looking after my Father when he was ill.
  15. Adopting not one, but two golden retrievers and fostering a number of others
  16. Taking up running in my 40’s and completing a half marathon in 2:38
  17. Taking up the sport of volleyball at over 30 years of age
  18. Buying first house by myself (okay with the Bank!)
  19. My cooking abilities
  20. My career
  21. Starting my own business
  22. My creativity
  23. My willingness to embrace technology
  24. Quitting smoking
  25. My Mother’s absolute focus on her family and our needs
  26. My Father’s optimism and positive attitude in spite of all the physical challenges he faced in later years
  27. My sister’s gentle heart, warmth and sense of occasion
  28. The strength some of my friends have had to demonstrate to deal with the tremendous challenges life has thrown them
  29. The fact that I can still make new friends
  30. My nephews Christopher and Parker for growing into fine young men
  31. Being engaged to Chris
  32. The volunteering I’ve done for various organisations throughout the years
  33. My writing skills
  34. Contributing to building our family cottage
  35. My ability to forgive
  36. My ability to say “I’m sorry”
  37. My optimism
  38. The balance I have in my life
  39. The values I try to uphold
  40. My organisational skills
  41. My willingness to challenge the status quo
  42. My honesty
  43. Being a connector and bringing people together
  44. My leadership abilities
  45. The life I’ve lived so far
  46. My sense of occasion
  47. My ability to make tough decisions
  48. My gratitude
  49. How well I know myself
  50. My determination and the fact that I will always keep trying.

Wow. I did it. I got to 50! I guess I could say I’m proud of that too.

What are you proud of in your life?


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