Day 31 – Hanging with The Musos

What to do on the last of the 10-day focus on getting to those things I know I should be doing but don’t?

So far, my efforts have included dealing with overdue taxes, making additional fitness strides, making medical appointments, cleaning and purging (things from both the  physical and digital realms), reading books I own and establishing an editorial review panel and creating a draft marketing plan for the one I’ve just written.

I think I’ll end this 10-day focus on things I know I should do more of, with a commitment, followed by an action to support it.

The commitment is to spend more time interacting with and getting to know friends from Chris’ past. There is a terrific opportunity to do this tonight, so I’ll take it.

And guess what we’re celebrating?

Yep. A 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Tim!

See how this all comes full circle?

Boom – tish, she’s here all week – try the fish!


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