Day 40 – Taking a different approach

For the first 10 days of my 50 to 50 countdown all my activities centred around the number 50. I know I’m creative but continuing along that track for 50 days probably isn’t sustainable.


I’m going to divide 50 into five ten day lots with a different focus for each. This second group of 10 days is going to be focused on doing all those things that I know I SHOULD DO, but rarely seem to get around to.

So, the first activity was literally staring me in the face. Between us, Chris and I have so many books. Many I’ve just scanned, many I’ve never read a word. So, today, I picked one up and began reading, Delivering Happiness.

In his first book, Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh shows how a different kind of culture is a powerful model for achieving success. Since the book, the philosophy has gone on to create a Delivering Happiness movement.

I’ve scanned the book before now,and know a great deal about the movement, but am happy that I can now focus on reading it in detail.

Guess how many pages I got through in the  first read?


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