Day 47 – A $50 Donation to GRR

Today I gave support to a cause you’ll all know is near and dear to my heart, Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR). On two continents, the efforts and support of great people have brought two wonderful furry boys into my life and heart – first my fiesty Canadian boy Mr. Briggs and my laid back Aussie bloke, Buzz.

So as my 50 to 50 countdown effort today, I’ve donated $50 of support to them to acknowledge the great efforts of two other great GRR supporters, Stephen and Sandy. These two are running a marathon around Iluru in the Australian Outback Marathon.

Their story is a fascinating and heartfelt one you can read highlights of it here on GRR’s Facebook page (that I started for them over 2 years ago)

Good luck Sandy and Stephen. And thank you GRR for all the wonderful work you do.

If anyone else would like to donate to their fine efforts you can do so here


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