Day 49 – 50 Happy Memories

In almost 50 years of life we can consider ourselves lucky if we have mostly happy memories as we glance back through the years. I guess I’m pretty darned lucky then. I’ve had a good, happy, balanced life. Not one without sadness, loss, challenge or demands, but one that’s mostly happy.

Today’s 50 to 50 countdown is to share 50 happy memories. So here goes:

      1. As a very little girl, eating snow and feeling the sensation as it the cold melted to water inside my mouth (see photo)
      2. Getting the doll, change, table, bath kit and duck soaps I had asked Santa for, for Christmas
      3. Waking to the smell of freshly baked muffins on a Sunday morning
      4. The  comforting feeling of my Mother stroking my hair
      5. Knowing I had a big sister always looking out for me
      6. Believing in Santa Claus and the magical time of Christmas
      7. Swimming and playing in the pool that was in our backyard
      8. Walking out into the backyard on summer mornings through the dew covered grass to swing on the swing set while still in my pyjamas
      9. Skating on a backyard ice rink my Father spent hours making for us
      10. Watching in awe as my Dad sculpted animals out of packing snow and they were displayed on our front lawn
      11. Hearing the news that Karen and I had a baby brother
      12. Being told I had artistic talent when the creative school scout visited our class and looked at my painting
      13. Watching my Grandma making perogies which she called “sinkers” and then eating them
      14. Waking  from a nap to hear that Rex, my Grandparent’s dog had returned after I accidentally let him out
      15. Going camping and to the beach with my family, usually to Carson’s Camp at Sauble Beach
      16. Keeping my brother company at school during lunch and recess when he had a broken leg
      17. Getting a phone in my room at about 10, 11 years old
      18. Discovering and exploring my passion for photography
      19. Getting Muffin, our first family dog
      20. The very special  and sweet all candy birthday present my sister made for me on my 5th or 6th birthday
      21. All the excitement that came from the family car rolling down the steps into the back yard
      22. The whole family going swimming and for BBQs at the Smead’s house
      23. The Hawker Sydney children’s Christmas parties and picnics, even with the Punch and Judy puppet shows
      24. Buying my first brand new car and driving it off the lot inhaling new car smell all the way
      25. Visits and musical interludes at Hart’s Bar and Grill with my college friends
      26. Weekend after weekend spent building and finishing the family cottage
      27. Starting the social committee when I worked at Miracle Food Mart and creating so much enjoyment for others
      28. The many dinners out with my friends at Mother’s Pizza, Piccinnini’s and Portofino’s
      29. Sunday family dinners topped off with a big pot of tea and a dozen donuts
      30. Discovering my love for non-fiction and the many library visits that ensued
      31. Getting my first apartment and experiencing the freedom associated with it
      32. Quitting smoking and realising that I would never smoke again
      33. Discovering my love for volleyball and the hundreds of games and tournaments since then
      34. Getting my first business card
      35. The  daily commute  and friendships with my GO train peeps
      36. Earning nicknames at various times throughout my life
      37. Buying my very first home all by myself and being blessed with such friendly neighbours and neighbourly friends
      38. Adopting Briggs from Golden Retriever rescue and all the love that came from that decision
      39. Completing my first half marathon
      40. Writing my novel and watching as people react to my words
      41. Looking at Chris in the early days of our relationship knowing without a doubt  that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him
      42. Stepping off the plane, into Chris’ arms and into my new life here in Australia
      43. Doing my very first IABC session with the TorontoTalks crew
      44. Joining the Canadian Australian club and meeting some other Canucks so far away from home
      45. Being greeted at both Vancouver and Toronto airports by fabulous friends and Tim Horton’s coffee
      46. Meeting Buzz and knowing he was meant to be part of our family
      47. The first moments  and awesome hugs that happen when I reconnect with my family and best friends when I travel home for a visit
      48. Touring NSW, Victoria and especially The Great Ocean Road on Chris and Linda’s Great Road Trip 2010
      49. Chris surprising me  with the simple and sweetest marriage proposal
      50. Learning that on the last time we had a visit with Dad, Chris had asked him for his blessing and Dad gave it to  him happily.

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