Happy Birthday Dad

I know it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. Life has been interesting. Hoping to get back into the blogging habit.

Rather than get into the reasons behind my lack of blogging, I want to get back to it with a sentimental  yet important post.

My Dad turns 81 today and, believe me, it hasn’t been without a fight! He is the most tenacious yet equally gentle man I have had the pleasure of having in my life. And I love him and wish him MANY more birthdays so that we can continue  to celebrate the man that he is.

This year he didn’t want presents, but one of the things he did want was for each of us kids (hardly as we’re all solidly in our 40’s and 50’s) to write a story about a family trip we had taken when we were kids.

It was a wonderful exercise as I thought back through all the great times we had taking family trips as kids so I did my best to oblige Dad’s request. The irony is that it was really a gift that he had given me. Of course it was, because that is the wonderful man that I am so proud to call my Dad.

Dad, I love you and miss you and can’t wait to give  you a great big hug the next time I see you.

Now as for the story, “Thunder Bay in a Day“, I think I’ll keep that a family and close friend thing and not post it publicly here, but if you really want to read it, email me.

Why not take a few minutes and think about a family trip you took as a child and find some way to thank your parent(s) for it? It’s never too late to say “thank you”. Plus, its kinda fun to look back and be a kid again, even if its only for a few minutes.


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