Every Relationship Needs A Little Mystery

And boy did ours get its share last week.

Chris was asking questions about what I might wear to work, what time I could finish for the day and while not strange in themselves, when I saw him leave for work with a suitcase, I was VERY curious to know what he was up to.

Apparently, the planning a wonderful mystery date was in the works. Unbeknownst to me, he was sending me on a scavenger hunt, picking up clues as I went. The culmination of them led me to a hotel room, with chilled champagne and a hot guy waiting to spoil me. And then, there were the stunning flowers that arrived the next day!

Along the way, he had no trouble invoking the power of helpful romantic strangers. He sent me texts and photo clues and left me notes in different checkpoints enroute.

He’s such a romantic and this is just one of many things I love about him.

Guys, I gotta say, a little creativity and mystery goes a long way.

Ladies, I know I don’t have to convince you of this.

Chris, thanks for making me feel so special and adding some adventure to our day. And, yes, every relationship needs a little mystery. Especially on a Tuesday!


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