Reaction to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Ceremonies

This is one Canadian who thought the Vancouver 2010 Olympic opening ceremonies were fabulous. Others have different opinions, and they are entitled to them. Mine are these. I thought they were tasteful, simple and elegant. They used technology in innovative ways. They were artful and bursting with colourful Canadiana, displaying a variety of cultural dynamics that are so very Canadian. They showcased Canadian talent from coast to coast and created a moving  glimpse into the mosaic that is Canada. There are others who thought they were boring. Those who complained about this and that. There were those who whined about how tax payers dollars were spent.

But, I can only hope that the great majority can appreciate the magnitude of effort, planning, creativity and hard work  that went into creating them. A friend had this to say on Facebook,

“They were excellent…chronicled our history, and demonstrated what a vast and beautiful country we live in. Authentic. Honest. Simple.”

Personally, my favourite parts included the incredible staging, specifically the the spouting killer whales, and bright orange maple leaves, KD Lang’s performance, and Shane’s slammin’ poetry…

I’m proud of the job that Canada has done to welcome the world to our shores. I’m proud of the magic and pageantry that was created through the culmination of history, geography, technology, vision, choreography,  talent and sheer artistry. I’m proud of how Canada came together to entertain and inspire us. I’m proud to see so many talented Canadians featured in the ceremonies all of whom share the fundamentally Canadian trait of generosity, giving back to Canada in their own way. Noticeably more so this year, as compared to any other, (maybe because I watched these ceremonies from foreign shores), I am definitely proud to be Canadian.

To all of you who have been so quick to criticize these ceremonies. Criticizing something that another has created is all too easy. The real work is in creating something in the first place. So, to those who were so quick to judge, to criticize, to dismiss,  I challenge you individually (or even collectively) to have done  any better.

2 thoughts on “Reaction to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Ceremonies

  1. I was fortunate enough to attend both the dress rehearsal and the Opening Ceremonies – and loved it, both times.

    Canada is so vast with such a wide range of cultural diversity, I believe the show did an incredible job of representing and honouring so many of our cultural traditions, iconic elements and personalities.

    I’m proud of everyone in the crowd for instantly jumping to their feet for an extended standing ovation for the heartsick Georgian team – and for the utter silence from 60,000+ people in memory of the athlete killed earlier that day. KD Lang’s performance brought tears to my eyes both times I watched it. The emotion in the stadium was overwhelming.

    To the naysayers who prefer to sit back and criticize? The view’s always great from the cheap seats, isn’t i? The sheer volume of people in attendance at the events, the cultural pavilions around the city and those at the street parties every night demonstrates the popularity of the Olympics.

    Vancouver has enough rain – let’s not rain on the parade of so many people who are so clearly having the time of their lives.

  2. Agreed. Although I wrote on FB that I had a few huh? moments, it’s because I thought it was a looonnng ceremony. Amazing on so many fronts. My only regret was the choice of Gretzky. I would have loved a past/present future to the torch and used a holographic image of Terry Fox along side a child and someone who’s well known today. The imagery was truly breathtaking.

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